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Active Interventions in the Atmosphere is a company specialized in active intervention activities in the atmosphere with the aim of reducing and eliminating the effects of potentially destructive meteorological phenomena, such as hail or drought, which can cause damage to agricultural crops in Romania, but also to property owned by individuals and companies in protected areas. We are constantly developing, with the ultimate goal of covering as much of the country as possible.

Another area of activity of Active Atmospheric Interventions is applied research on methods to reduce the negative effects of drought and desertification through scientific methods, boosting rainfall in the areas of interest. By conducting numerous experiments using aviation technology, rockets, ground generators and helium weather balloons for active interventions in the atmosphere, we want to improve and introduce these methods in as many areas of the country as possible.

What we do


Hail control

Various methods have been tried over the years to reduce the impact of hailstorms, but the only one that has proven to be effective in operation over time and also safe for the environment and citizens has been, and still is, cloud seeding, a method that we also use in the fight against this phenomenon.

Boosting rainfall

Drought is one of the biggest threats to agriculture, and in recent years, in the context of climate change, rainfall has decreased significantly and its distribution has become increasingly uneven. This causes considerable annual agricultural losses and endangers the food security of the population. To counteract the effects of drought, we use various active intervention techniques in the atmosphere with the ultimate goal of increasing the amount of water reaching the ground.

Solutiile noastre


Solutiile noastre



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