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About Us

Climate change is affecting all regions of the world, with important consequences. For example, the melting of ice caps leads to rising sea and ocean levels, which substantially alters the intensity of phenomena occurring in the atmosphere. At the same time, extreme weather events and precipitation are becoming more frequent in different regions, while other regions are experiencing heat waves and extreme droughts.

The impact of climate change is already being felt across Europe and globally. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense, with devastating consequences on people's lives and increasing material damage.

What are we doing to mitigate these devastating effects?

Active Interventions in the Atmosphere is a company specialized in active intervention activities in the atmosphere with the aim of reducing and eliminating the effects of potentially destructive meteorological phenomena, such as hail or drought, which can cause damage to agricultural crops in Romania, but also to property owned by individuals and companies in protected areas. We are constantly developing, with the ultimate goal of covering as much of the country as possible.

Another area of activity of Active Atmospheric Interventions is applied research on methods to reduce the negative effects of drought and desertification through scientific methods, boosting rainfall in the areas of interest. By conducting numerous experiments using aviation technology, rockets, ground generators and helium weather balloons for active interventions in the atmosphere, we want to improve and introduce these methods in as many areas of the country as possible.

Offering continuous training and development through training courses, our company ensures the smooth running of operational activities nationwide 24/7/365 with over 1000 employees.

The company employs 25 PhDs and a number of PhD and MSc students specialising in the specific areas of our activities, who are actively involved in research, development and innovation in the following fields:

  • active interventions in the atmosphere, agriculture
  • Drones and Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence and modelling, simulation
  • Energy
  • Dual-use technical systems
  • Environmental Protection
  • Radar and Communications
  • Testing, evaluation of technical systems.
  • We also have collaborative relationships with international specialists in the fields of interest.

Currently, our company operates 87 Hail Missile Launch Points, coordinated from 6 Command Posts:
  • Iasi
  • Focșani
  • Ploiesti
  • Drăgășani
  • Timisoara
  • Mures

Since 2019, our staff, in collaboration with a foreign partner, has been conducting the first local experiment of rainfall stimulation by aviation method in Dobrogea. As a result of this experiment, an increase in the amount of measured precipitation was observed, from 0.1 l/mp to about 4-6 l/mp.

At the same time, we are conducting active atmospheric intervention activities at an experimental stage, using various active atmospheric intervention methods, such as silver iodide ground generators and unmanned weather balloons with silver iodide and natrium chloride, both for hail control and to stimulate precipitation in our areas of responsibility.

Active Interventions in the Atmosphere is an active modern factor, contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change that can affect agricultural crops and the safety of the population in Romania.

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