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Hail fighting

Hail was and is one of the weather phenomena affecting agriculture and the whole economic activity of a region. Methods and technologies to combat hail began to be developed immediately after the Second World War.

Stimulation of precipitation

Drought is one of the biggest enemies of agriculture, and in recent years, with climate change, rainfall is increasingly low, unevenly distributed, and agriculture is suffering significant annual losses, endangering the food security of the population.

Flood control

If silver iodide has the effect of increasing the amount of precipitation, dispersing a certain amount of sodium chloride in the air leads to reduced cloud formation and precipitation. By using different substances we can achieve totally opposite results.

Snow stimulation

A number of international studies have shown that active atmospheric interventions using silver iodide, which is used to combat hail, can also have a positive effect on increasing the amount of snow on the ground.

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